Unlocking Efficiency: Introducing the NOVA L 2.4 Transmitter

In the realm of industrial process control, efficiency is paramount. The NOVA L 2.4 transmitter emerges as a beacon of innovation, designed to streamline operations and elevate performance. Let’s delve into its transformative features:

Ergonomic ExcellenceπŸ’Ό

At the heart of the NOVA L 2.4 lies ergonomic brilliance. Crafted with precision, its design ensures comfort and functionality, facilitating seamless operation even in demanding environments.

Crystal-Clear InterfaceπŸ’Ž

Experience clarity like never before with the high-resolution, GUI programmable 2.4” Color TFT LED back-lit display. This sunlight-readable marvel not only captures real-time data with precision but also serves as a fault diagnostic tool, empowering users with actionable insights.

Versatile ConfigurationπŸŽ›οΈ

Flexibility is the hallmark of the NOVA L 2.4. Pre-configured with essential features such as a status LED and a conveniently located Push/Turn to release STOP switch, it adapts effortlessly to diverse needs. Furthermore, it offers full customization potential, accommodating up to two (2) digital/proportional dual/triple-axis joysticks, along with an array of toggle switches, push button switches, rotary switches, key switches, and LED’s.

Powering Performance⚑

Reliability meets sustainability with the NOVA L 2.4, powered by a single Hetronic 3.6V NiMH rechargeable battery. This ensures uninterrupted operation, allowing for extended usage without compromising on efficiency.

Typical Applications: #TowerCranes#LoaderCranes#OverheadCranes#ConcretePumps#MobileEquipment


In the dynamic landscape of industrial process control, the NOVA L 2.4 stands as a testament to innovation. With its ergonomic design, intuitive interface, versatile configuration options, and reliable power source, it redefines efficiency. Embrace the future of control systems with the NOVA L 2.4 transmitter, where every operation is optimized for success.

Video Credit: Methode Electronics Inc