Hetronic has been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation in the Industrial Radio Remote Control industry for over 32 years.   From our inception, we worked with our customers to develop solutions that made it easier and safer for professional process control operators to do their jobs.

Today we continue to innovate and introduce new technologies to further improve the ability of our customers to meet the ever-changing demands of their industrial applications. Utilizing technology from our parent company, Methode Electronics, Inc. we have begun to develop and integrate new video display technology, sensor technology, and design and manufacturing best practices to make our products the best in the industry. By communicating with our customers we can better understand their needs and develop solutions that will improve safety on the job while expanding their ability to improve efficiency and productivity. Hetronic’s integration of sensors to measure, monitor and control tension and weight in cranes, hoists, and winches will prove to be a valuable addition to our Radio Remote Control solutions.