Wireless repeaters can nearly double the range of a radio remote control or video feedback system for a variety of locomotive and rail applications.  Placed where the signal starts dropping out, these units pick it up and retransmit it at full power. These stationary repeaters are fully NEMA rated and can be powered by 120VAC or a lithium ion battery pack integrated into our Pole Mounted Battery System.  

Hetronic repeater integrated into our Pole Mounted Battery (PMB) housing is designed to meet the rigorous demands of extreme environmental conditions as well as industrial applications that require complex integration and performance.  


IP66 Housing
Integrated Receiver, Extends Control Range
Optional WiFi Video Feedback Range Extender
Integrated Lithium Ion battery for Back-up power
Multiple Mounting Options
Approx. Weight: 27.2kg (60 lbs)

DIMENSIONS:APPROX. W 660MM (26″) X H 762MM (30″) X D 457MM (18″)


Extended Range with the latest battery back-up technology.  The Hetronic PMB/Repeater solution incorporates an IP65 housing with Lithium Ion battery back-up that is capable of integration with our world-class receivers and WiFi to extend transmitter control range of our Remote Control Locomotive (RCL) system.  We have also designed our wireless repeaters to extend the range of our Video Feedback safety system that uses the NOVA XXL 4.3VF transmitter.  Placed where the signal starts dropping out, these units pick it up and re-transmit it at full power. Our repeaters are NEMA rated and powered by either 120AC line power or lithium ion battery power in areas where no power is available. Implementing multiple Repeater/PMB’s can provide extended range out to two (2) miles dependent on application and location. .  

Hetronic will create a system tailored to meet your application requirements and suitable to the location for Class 1, Short Haul or Yard operations.