For the past 20 years Hetronic has developed extensive experience and expertise in providing wireless remote control solutions to leading locomotive and rail industry companies. The newly released LocoNet 1 Box Remote Control Locomotive (RCL) system is designed based on real-life needs of locomotive operators resulting in a Plug and Play, single IP65 cabinet that provides full electronic and pneumatic control.   Locomotive operators now have the ability to configure the 1 box to meet their specific locomotive needs through plug and play encrypted software and matching Operator Control Unit (OCU).       Every Hetronic OCU is produced with your safety in mind and backed by our field experience of over 410,000 transmitter/receiver systems sold over the past 34 years of operation.

The Hetronic LocoNet 1 box RCL comes standard with fully integrated pneumatic and electronic control, speed control, encrypted communication, diagnostics, operation feedback and a wide range of options.      Our commitment is to continue developing solutions incorporating innovate technology and user functionality that helps professional rail operators improve safety, reliability and productivity.   Every RCL system is designed to AAR directives as well as lab and field tested to ensure performance and reliability that meet your needs.  Hetronic also offers a wide range of transmitter and receiver solutions that will control processes for rail applications including ballast cars, cranes, tower control, maintenance service, and other equipment in a safe and efficient manner.


Harsh Environment, IP65 Single Box Design
Installation in less than 20 minutes
Full remote locomotive control via customized OCU
Operation Feedback & Diagnostics built in
MU Plug Designed into LCU
10-3-5 Capable
Encrypted RF Communication
Extended Range to 2+ miles available
Designed to AAR Directives and tested to FRA


Hetronic introduces the next generation in Remote Control Locomotive (RCL) operation.    The LocoNet one (1) box LCU offers Class 1, Short Line or Yard and Hump operators a plug and play, portable or hard installed solution with a full range of capability to operate virtually any locomotive in any application at any time.     In development for the past 3 years, our engineering teams have created an RCL solution that provides the highest level of safety, security, efficient operation and durability available in the market today.   

Designed to AAR directives and tested to FRA standards, 1 Box system includes the full function Locomotive Control Unit (LCU) and an Operator Control Unit (OCU) that will be custom configured to your needs, providing world-class reliablity with continous data transmission for the ultimate in safe operation.   We have designed 1 box using  the latest in electronic and pneumatic controls  to provide complete flexibility to fit your application needs and maximize efficiency for improved ROI.     Every 1 box LCU is capable of providing speed control, safety alerts, diagnostics and a wide range of features and functions that rail industry professional’s demand.  

Options available with the 1 Box system include excitation control, Positive Stop Control (PSC), Video Feedback, Man-down over Voice, Pitch & Catch, 10-3-5 (OCU/Repeater/LCU) capability, extended range and data and video recording.   Our commitment is to provide railway personnel and equipment a solution that meets your safety and operational needs in an easy-to-use M2M system.