Hetronic offers a complete line of One-hand Button style Radio Remote Controls that will control a wide variety of industrial equipment and machinery. From simple to more complex operations, the ERGO, POCKET, MINI, TG and Handheld (HH) series transmitters provide customers with economical and highly reliable process control solutions. Every transmitter is designed in an IP65 (NEMA 4) polycarbonite case that provides rugged protection in virtually any operating condition. Designed for outdoor or indoor use, the Hetronic One-hand button style controls provide economical control for a wide range of applications.   

The MINI transmitter is small but powerful, designed for markets that require a limited number of digital functions. The POCKET series serves markets where basic control functions are required. Engineered to control a limited number of digital functions with enhanced safety and reliability. The TG series transmitters are designed in the familiar pendant-control look and feel, are lightweight with dual-speed push buttons that fit perfectly in steel mills or on a construction site. The ERGO series transmitters are world-class wireless hand-held push-button remotes that incorporate an integrated display, user programming, up to three-speed operation and a rugged IP65 designed case. The HH series was designed to serve the short-range market for professional radio remote controls. Offering a “pistol-grip” design for easy one-hand operation and with a variety of control options from toggle switches to push-buttons the HH can operate for up to 500 hours without a battery change. 

For applications ranging from Overhead Cranes to hoists and winches, from conveyor systems to hook loaders, concrete mixers to tow trucks or tailgates, the One-hand button transmitter controls from Hetronic will fit your needs.