GR/Euro transmitters are designed for harsh environment applications where complex, multi-function control is required to safely complete the job.  Hetronic GR or Euro transmitters are lightweight yet offer a large control panel that can be configured with a variety of easy-to-use controls that enable operational efficiency. Hetronic GR or Euro are available as pre-configured “off-the-shelf” or custom tailored to each customer specific application. Both the pre-configured or custom transmitters can be configured with an array of joysticks, push buttons, toggle or rotary switches as well as LCD displays to meet our customer’s specific work requirements.

The GR and EURO harnessed transmitters are designed to fit a broad list of applications from tunnel-drilling machines to earth moving equipment, tower cranes to material handling, overhead cranes, work platforms, container handling and specialty applications. 

GR Euro Series Transmitters

Weight 1.4kg (3.1lbs.)
Antenna: Internal, Optional External
Diagnostics: Status LED for operation and Low Battery
Frequencies: 4xxMhz, 868Mhz
Range; Typical 100m (300′)
Safety: Address is: 20-bit, with over 1M possible
Lightweight, large control panel

DIMENSIONS: H 191MM (7.7″) X W 285MM (11.2″) X D 140MM (5.5″)


Hetronic’s GR transmitter is a work-horse, providing reliable multi-function process control capability. Designed for heavy duty industrial applications the GR’s large control panel can be fully customized with multiple combinations of joysticks, paddle levers, push buttons and toggle switches. The GR’s spacious control panel can be custom configured to operate complex, multi-function equipment with ease and precision.

Although the GR can be configured with a substantial number of controls it is light weight and its ergonomically designed shoulder harness ensures hours of fatigue free operation. Each GR comes with two rechargeable battery packs and a compact charger to ensure continuous operation. The GR transmitter system is ideal for tower cranes, material handling, overhead cranes, work platforms, container handling and specialty applications.


Weight 1.4kg (3.1lbs.)
Frequencies: 4xxMhz, 868Mhz
RF Unit: CS syntheized with multiple frequencies switch selectable
Range 100m (300′) typical
Can be configured with multiple controls
Safety Address: 20-bit, 1M possible
Active & Passive STOP function

DIMENSIONS: H 191MM (7.7″) W 285MM (11.2″) X D 140MM (5.5″)


The EURO transmitter is based on the same footprint as the GR unit, offering a large control panel with a wide range of functional controls. The spacious control panel surface will accommodate numerous joysticks, toggle switches and other operator interface controls. Configuration is done at the factory for each specific application and custom options can include multiple configurations including dual-axis joysticks (digital or proportional) and a substantial number of single-axis paddle levers.

The Euro transmitter can be used to control a wide range of applications ranging from  tunnel-drilling machines to earth moving equipment and heavy duty marine cranes as well as a wide range of specialty and harsh environment process control applications.     When operators need a robust, harsh environment control for  complex and/or multi-function applications the EURO meets their needs.  The EURO is designed with a comfortable ergonomically designed shoulder harness that reduces operator fatigue and improves safety in the field.