Hetronic’s H-Touch is an innovative transmit-receive device designed for mobile or hand-held control applications. The hard-wired H-Touch will provide operators with the ability to manage auxiliary equipment on a work truck and monitor vehicle and equipment performance data. Flexibly designed, the H-Touch is an electronic link (transmit and receive) to activate some equipment with a single touch while providing technical and operating information to the user. Designed with a fast responding 8″ TFT touch-screen, the Hetronic H-Touch can be integrated into virtually any type of mobile cab including work trucks, crane control cabs or virtually any control center where touch access would be of value to the operator. 

The H-Touch includes features and options that allow the system to be custom configured to monitor, diagnose and accumulate analytical information to improve job efficiency and performance. The H-Touch is designed with an optional integrated video capability with external camera(s) that can improve safety in the work area. 


8″ TFT Display, 800 x 480 resolution
Weight: 1.8 kg (<4.1lbs.)
Internal antenna
Connections: USB, HDMI, Bluetooth,WiFI, SDIO card
Interfaces:  CAN (multiple)
Powerful PLC designed in
Multiple Discrete I/O’s (expandable)
Custom GUI and Housing available

DIMENSIONS: L 228MM (9″) X H 63.5MM (2.5″) X D 190.5MM (7.5″)


The H-Touch Mobile Equipment monitoring device provides operators with the ability to monitor auxiliary equipment or gather data on vehicle operational status with the touch of a finger.  The H-Touch is designed to be hard wired into virtually any vehicle or equipment. A highly configurable Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be customized to meet the customer operational needs. The H-Touch fast responding 8″ TFT touch-screen can be operated with a gloved hand.nbsp; 

An optional video feedback capability is available by integrating cameras onto the vehicle that provides additional safety in the work area. Standard operating frequency is 2.4Ghz with other operating frequencies available .

The H-Touch meets IP65 standards and is powered by a 7200mAh lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 10 hours.