BellyPack wireless radio remote transmitters provide a significant positive impact to safety and efficiency for operators of industrial hydraulic, electric and pneumatically controlled equipment. Each BellyPack transmitter carried by the operator is either attached to their waist or held in two hands to improve efficiency and productivity.

Hetronic BellyPack transmitter solutions are ergonomically designed with an adjustable waist belt that promotes operator safety and reduces operator fatigue. Every Hetronic BellyPack can be custom configured to a specific control application or are available as pre-engineered “off-the-shelf” or customized to specfic requirements. The NOVA and GL BellyPack transmitters operate equipment ranging from simple to complex and offer a wide range of with multi-function controls. Hetronic will design and configure a NOVA or GL transmitter to meet your specific industrial control application.

Contact a Hetronic technical expert who will assist you in selecting and designing the right transmitter for your application.